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i think i found ohstephyy in animal form whilst drunk

Its been I think over a week since I ran out anxiety meds. I can feel the wall cracking.

i cant.



Cutie Pie


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this is future me

My roommate is missing


Aliza Razell: Magic and Mystic Photography

Flickrock, Facebook

Massachusetts-based artist Aliza Razell creates tickling self-portraits that explore philosophical abstractions through the merged mediums of watercolour and photography. Using Photoshop, Razell unites the two mediums in her Anesidora (explorations of the Pandora’s Box myth) and Ikävä (the Finnish word meaning the feeling of longing) series.

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I don’t want to go work today as usual.
Feeling: tired, queezy, little dizzy.
Wanting: pancakes, skyrim, IKEA furniture

This is my new cat Bowie. He is coming home on Wednesday and I am so excited. 
He enjoys fruit, long boarding and catching moths.

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I’ve changed my mind. It was inevitable, I want to go to school for baking. I want to graduate as a master chef in all that is pastry and open my own bakery called something cute and quirky. I want it to look like a high fashion paris shop, but offer delicious treats for affordable prices.
Goal #50 - Open a bakery/eatery thing one day.

Please don’t leave me.