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Day two: I worked this morning so I only felt good enough for 30min.

Weight this morning - 187.5lbs

Will start a no starch diet next Monday and will use my fitness pal and give more detailed info on how I’m trying to lose weight.

Also today to burn as much possible I did 3.5 speed on a level 3 incline for 5min then ran at 5.5 speed on a level 1 incline. Too out of shape to run longer than a minute but I’m working on it :p


Troye and I are the same person (x)

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My after face for pushing myself after months of gaining weight. I currently weigh 187.5. My goal is 140 by August 4th (my birthday). I don’t know if I should make a weightloss blog or whatever. I’m just proud I did an hour of treadmill instead of sitting on my ass eating frosted flakes watching the secret to American teenager. Also #nomakeup because lol.

I have a really amazing cute best friend. Please send her love if you agree ~~ ;×

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This would be a really amazing tattoo idea. God I want way too many.
You have no idea how hard it is for people like me that want to accept ourselves so much but literally can’t.

I have too much fat. This morning I weighed myself and I am at 186lbs. I feel so sluggish and tired and have heart palpitations just from walking around. I am going to run on my treadmill as much as possible. I am going to print my treadmill plan and then draw it on a poster board and then motivate myself.

i think i found ohstephyy in animal form whilst drunk

Its been I think over a week since I ran out anxiety meds. I can feel the wall cracking.

i cant.



Cutie Pie


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this is future me

My roommate is missing


Aliza Razell: Magic and Mystic Photography

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Massachusetts-based artist Aliza Razell creates tickling self-portraits that explore philosophical abstractions through the merged mediums of watercolour and photography. Using Photoshop, Razell unites the two mediums in her Anesidora (explorations of the Pandora’s Box myth) and Ikävä (the Finnish word meaning the feeling of longing) series.

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