i’m so sore from building my rabbit hutch and from my first day of work. I work again at 1:30 to like… 9:45. Sigh. Can’t wait to go back to sleep!!!


I want green hair like dark foresty green hair so I can be the true bruja I really am.

can someone start a petition to let my bff do this. rally against her parents. like it’s really meant to be.


Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

i would get cats. so down for one of each of my kitties.


Just want to write an appreciation post ‘bout my boyfriend. 

He’s spent a lot of money on me recently, especially since I don’t have a job. I’m not writing this because of that. He is so important to my well being and I don’t get to tell him enough. My life would probably not be anywhere as possible as it is now if I hadn’t met him. I live with this person who completes me so infinitely. We fight, we argue, we love, we laugh. But I just wouldn’t feel like me if I didn’t have him. It’s not like I haven’t loved before or been in a relationship before. This is different. He understands me. There are times he doesn’t, but even I don’t either so that’s okay. But he really does try. He tries harder than I do. Keith, you do a lot for me, and I don’t say it enough, I don’t treat you with all the love I have to give to you but I promise it’s there. I love you & I am truly, madly, deeply (corny) in love with you. 

Sincerely Yours,



10th Street Tattoo, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Done by Danny McNamara (IG: danny_mcnamara)

this is so cute. do want.


10th Street Tattoo, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Done by Danny McNamara (IG: danny_mcnamara)

this is so cute. do want.




Hi guys! For anyone who would like to purchase a hardcopy of Princess Princess (thank you!!), you can finally do so! Yay!!

The book is 44 full colour glossy pages, and can be purchased here on Storenvy for $25+ shipping! 

Or if you happen to be at SPX, you’ll also be able to pick up a copy at table B13 from the lovely Starlock and Cryptovolans! I won’t be there but they’re kindly giving my girls some table space (and will have their own fab comics for sale so grab those too!!)

Thank you, I’m so happy people are interested in a printed version! Spreading the word is very much appreciated also~ 

I want this book so bad!!!


i want this so bad omfg


Little late but it’s still day 6 on my end of the world. Enjoy!

#berrysimhearts #berrysweetshoppe #berrysweetsim

So I’ve been unemployed for a long time now. Almost 3 weeks or more? And all I’ve been doing really since Sept 2nd is play the sims. I want this sim. so damn cute!

perf-but i’d want a vancity top

perf-but i’d want a vancity top

Woke up not knowing the time. Was having a panic attack. Had to regulate breathing because I kept panicking that I would stop if I didn’t. Heart kept feeling like it would beat so fast it would stop. No idea why. Now I have a headache and I can’t sleep. It’s now 7:33 am and I feel like I’ve been up at least an hour or two.

Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

I really really really want to make some beautiful bad ass stuff like this.

veryfatbunny asked: “Names for your fuzzy ! Gideon, Henry, Teddy, Louie, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Poppy, Oscar, Snickers, Harley, Moose, Benny?”

I really love Teddy, Snickers and Moose! (boyfriend has to approve) This cute buns mate is named Peach so I like the food name and he’s a fluffy butt so Teddy is cute, and Moose like a supernatural reference is super cute too!!1